The Information War Part 2 : Fighting jihadist online propaganda

c898f209dbf0fe9e8a30d6b3cfbc4c5fIn my last blog, part 1 of “The Information War,” I argued that online propaganda is an important element in the radicalization and recruitment of jihadists. Story after story in the media have continued to demonstrate this observation, beyond the examples already mentioned in my last post. For example, in mid-March, the Islamic State (ISIS, Da’ech) published a video showing the execution in Syria, by a child soldier of an accused spy. The victim was later identified as an Israeli Arab, whose brother claimed he was lured to the group via Facebook. Moreover, in late March, Rolling Stone Magazine featured an excellent article, “The Children of ISIS,” detailing the story of American teenage siblings who sought to join the group in Syria. Their radicalization and recruitment were substantially via social media. Their parents had noticed no changes in their behavior other than them spending more time alone on the computer. Continuer la lecture

The Information War

cobweb-69908_640Jihadists in Cyberspace and Social Media

In his remarks at the recent Summit on Countering Violent Extremism, President Obama noted the role of Al Qaeda and Da’esh (Islamic State) propaganda in “reaching and brainwashing young Muslims,” especially via the Internet, seeking “to target today’s young people online, in cyberspace.” French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve echoed these sentiments following the Summit, pleading for more “regulation and responsibility” in the fight against jihadist propaganda and recruitment via the Internet. Shortly thereafter, he took off to discuss the subject with Silicon Valley executives. Continuer la lecture

Les ondes de choc des révolutions arabes

M’hamed Oualdi, Delphine Pagès-El Karoui et Chantal Verdeil (dir.), Les ondes de choc des révolutions arabes, Beyrouth, Presses de l’Ifpo, 2014, 290 p. ISBN : 978-2-35159-398-1 ; e-ISBN : 978-2-35159-529-9

L’Institut français du Proche Orient vient de publier une remarquable série d’études sur les bouleversements issus des révolutions dans le monde arabe. Continuer la lecture